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CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Korea

Lee Dong-hoon, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Korea, said, “We fully reproduced the urgent and thrilling off-road situation through seven specially designed artificial structures using state-of-the-art equipment.” In particular, the 16-meter-long waterway driving course is equipped with bumps to preserve the feeling of the valley floor, so you can enjoy the thrill of crossing the valley. It also vividly reproduced all situations that may occur during off-road driving, including a bumpy course that reconstructed irregular rough roads, a lantern slide course where you can experience icy roads, a slope slope course with a slope of 30 degrees.
Initially, it was reported that DFMS, Shilla Trade, Yeongnam Mill, and KCC competed in the dealer race. Among them, DFMS and Shilla Trade received the highest scores and were selected as new dealer candidates, and finally DFMS was elected as a new dealer.

The most important item that influenced the selection was the location of the exhibition hall, and an official from Jaguar and Land Rover Korea said, “Both DFMS and Shilla Trade showed meticulous preparations such as location and conditions for the site to build a new exhibition hall and service center.”

However, unlike Shilla Trade, which only proposed a site selection plan, DFMS has already presented a site contract that has been completed, it said.

After that, Jaguar ․Land Rover Korea and DFMS plan to refine the details. Although DFMS is already active enough to secure a site for the exhibition hall, it is also reported that it is considering using the exhibition hall of SK Network, which was a dealer before the Bundang area. Due to the good geographical conditions of exhibition halls in Daejeon, the issue of exhibition halls has been concluded by using the existing exhibition halls by DFMS. The two sides will finally sign an MOU from the end of May to early June when the series of processes are finalized.

An official from Jaguar and Land Rover Korea said, “Since the announcement of the recruitment of new dealers, leading domestic companies have shown interest, and we will eventually be with DFMS,” adding, “This completes the first phase of Jaguar and Land Rover’s dealer expansion plan and will not recruit additional dealers for the time being.”
Meanwhile, a company official said, “It’s just a rumor that new dealers in Bundang and Daejeon will also be in charge of the Seoul Daechi Exhibition Hall in the future,” adding, “Currently, Cheon Il is doing his job, and there is no reason to replace them.” He then said, “If the sales of Jaguar and Land Rover increase further in the future, we are thinking of opening more exhibition halls in Songpa and other places, but we do not have a specific plan.”
Participants will experience the structure by driving themselves after a pilot run by a professional instructor on the site and training on various functions and driving tips of Land Rover. Therefore, a fully automatic terrain response that enables the best driving performance in any terrain
Land Rover’s unique functions, such as a terrain response system or hill descent control, can be used.
CEO Lee emphasized, “Participants will be able to drive the latest models of Land Rover and Range Rover, including the 2011 New Freelander 2, New Discovery 4, New Range Rover, and New Range Rover Sports, and feel the thrilling touch of off-road.”
CEO Lee said, “Participants can try more systematic off-road driving because they are trained by professional instructors on how to drive,” adding, “It is expected to be an opportunity to feel the true charm of Land Rover to the fullest.”